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Geoffrey M. Gluckman is the author of The Secret Keepers, the sequel to the award- winning spy thriller, Deadly Exchange (2007). He also authored Murder of Sex (2013), a steamy-romance suspense novel. Previously, he has acted as a second level judge in the Maryland Writer’s Association Novel Contest (2011/2012), critiquing entries for fiction selection. He has been a featured author for the Foothill College Author Series, University of British Columbia creative writing classes, and Simon Fraser University writing classes, as well as numerous radio, print, and online interviews. In the past, he wrote full-length features for various print publications in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, such as Iron Horse Magazine and Law Enforcement Technology. 

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The Secret Keepers: A Novel

techno-political-thriller, cybersecurity, espionage, suspense, intrigue, action, China, sex traffic

The story

The long awaited sequel to the award-winning spy thriller Deadly Exchange:

When Sara Nardell and Peter Wellington meet with a man telling a tale  of an upscale brothel in the heart of Manhattan, it disrupts the easy  life of reunion that Sara and Frank Revere have enjoyed over the last  year and a half.

Peter springs into action and assembles the Team, now part of a  United Nations Special Operations unit. And Sara soon discovers a world  rampant with sex trafficking, from Vancouver to China.

What begins as a relatively simple mission blows up into something  with much larger consequences, including economic world dominance, which  endangers members of the Team and citizens of all western nations. At  the center of it, shrouded in deception, hides a Chinese  government-sanctioned group, known only as The Elders.

Like sediment stirred in a stream, deeper layers only further muddy the waters of truth…and increase peril for all.

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Cyber Terrorism: The Next Threat

(Updated 29 February 2016)

Do you think your personal information stored on the Internet, Apps,  or on personal your computer is safe from theft? Do you think companies  or the government is able to protect you from having that information  stolen? Perhaps, but sadly, according to experts, the answer is probably  not.

While the war against ISIL continues, another threat quietly builds momentum and only requires the use of ones and zeros.
Yes, it is cyber terrorism.

Since the U.S. military unleashed the Internet upon the world in the  early 1990’s, the threat of cyber attacks have grown year by year.
Every week the news media reports another hacking breach of data  belonging to a company or a government, A recent example: the November  2014 cyber attack on Sony perpetrated by the North Korean government.  Evidence revealed that the malware used was not very sophisticated,  which surprised many. More alarming was the fact, stated by cyber  experts, that the defenses of most companies would not have been able to  prevent the attack. To combat the increase in cyber attacks companies  are protecting their organizations with cyber insurance, up 32 percent  this year. However, this does nothing to prevent attacks, rather merely  addresses the problems created by data stolen. Think of it like going to  the doctor after you already have a disease. This is not preventative,  rather merely damage control.

Another example, though less publicized and slightly different, was  the penetration of the Pentagon in 2008 by the Chinese government. This  attack stemmed from a virus injection from a thumb-drive inserted into a  computer within the Pentagon. In addition, China Eagle Union and Unit  61398, two hacker groups supposedly only loosely connected with the  Chinese government, have infiltrated many U.S. government databases. The  Chinese government has denied any allegations of support for such  activity.

More recently, President Obama and Chinese President Xi agreed to a  cyber detente, of sorts. In essence, both countries agreed to not try to  penetrate the databases of the other. Time will tell.
If you don’t believe hacking is a problem, then consider this: August  2013, at the annual hacker conference, U.S. Army General Keith  Alexander, director of the National Security Agency (NSA), delivered the  keynote address, which was a plea for assistance from the hacking  community to defend the U.S.

Not to be an alarmist, but if you think that cyber threats don’t pose  a risk to you, then you may be fooling yourself. As of June 2015, a  German hacker prevention team found a security loophole in some Apps,  which if accessed would allow hackers to obtain personal information. In  fact, there was a fake app code that surfaced, allowing such access,  but Apple quickly stopped the proliferation of the malware. However, the  same issue could be true of answering that Facebook link. Be aware.

Finally, the latest hacking threat is Ransom Ware, where the files on  your personal computer are held ransom. Hackers send an infected email  or picture to you that looks legitimate and you click on it. Then, in a  matter of hours or days, your computer gives you a ransom request,  monetary payment, in order to unlock your files, which you have been  locked out of. Two recent examples occurred at the Los Angeles Health  Department and a Los Angeles hospital. In the latter, the ransom request  was for $17000, which they eventually paid.
Symantec states that 100, 000 attacks like this are launched each month.
What is being done?
Currently, Federal Bureau of Investigation officials and cyber security  experts are debating whether victims should pay the ransom, but offer no  other broad-ranging solutions.

My suggestion: back up your entire computer regularly on a storage device that is not connected to the Internet.
So, while those of us that are non-techies may be unwitting targets, the  governments around the world are aware of the problem, but are  struggling with real solutions.
Protect your personal information.


60 Minutes. CBS (aired 12 April 2015).

PBS NewsHour. PBS (aired February 2016 and October 2015).

Washington Post article (1 August 2015).

Nightly Business Report. PBS (aired 17 June 2015).

 Sex Trafficking: The Facts

Definition: sex trafficking is the acquisition and exploitation of individuals for profit (according to the United Nations).

-it is a multi-billion dollar illegal industry

-2.5 million people are trafficked each year (as of June 2011 stats)

-the majority of governments around the world are indifferent to sex  trafficking or only impose a $500 fine (or currency equivalent) on  traffickers

-a common ploy is to advertise for domestic workers in a nearby  country, then those that apply are often kidnapped and forced into sex  slavery

-the average trafficking run is 3-4 men

Trafficking ring procedures for enslavement:

-girls are often drugged and beaten by captors

-girls service 8 to 15 “clients” per day

-cycle of debt bondage created by captors – this entails that girls  can buy their freedom, but typically as they approach the “freedom”  price, then they are sold to a new “keeper”, thus recreating the debt  bondage cycle

Source countries: 

Odessa, Ukraine – a port city on the Black Sea


Destination countries:

Turkey – from here victims can be anywhere in the world in 3-4 days (from Istanbul)

Western Europe

U.S specific facts:

-every major city has a “Track” – the route/road/street walked by  prostitutes, many of whom are forced into this position (many are under  21 years of age)

-75% of sex trafficking starts online

-80% of sex trafficking girls are U.S. citizens

-average customer = employed/married/40 years old

-if a raid frees sex slaves, then individuals are deported to home country (not treated as victims, rather as prostitutes)

-trafficking is prohibited in the U.S. by the Mann Act (1910), which  “prohibits the interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes”.  Further additions and protections have been added, including for men,  underage humans, and expanded language.

Read more about this in the novel: The Secret Keepers


American Sex Slave. National Geographic TV, aired February 2013.

Crime Inc.: Human Trafficking. CNBC, aired June 2011.

Sex Traffic. MSNBC, aired November 2010.

Look Around: Sex Trafficking is not a foreign concept. Petula Dvorak. Washington Post article. May 21, 2010.

Sex Slaves. WETA, aired May 2009.

Glenny, Misha. McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime. Vintage Books, 2009.

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Murder of Sex: A Novel

sex, passion, love, betrayal, romance, suspense, Hawaii, literary, male-female relationships,

Praise for Murder of Sex

“Geoffrey Gluckman has an excellent writing style and a real knack  for keeping the reader guessing and engrossed in the book. The author  creates a scenario to grab the reader’s attention and take them into  Josh’s world of sex and betrayal. He does a remarkable job of setting  the stage and making the reader feel as if they are part of the story.”

Yvonne, Socrates’ Book Review Blog

“Erotic thriller? or literary, mind-enhancing handbook? This book surprises at every page turn.” -Lucia (Amazon review)

Amazon Kindle links: Murder of Sex

BN Nook links: Murder of Sex

iBooks links: Murder of Sex

Publisher Direct links: Murder of Sex (print and e-versions)

Amazon Author Page link: Geoffrey M. Gluckman

The story

An incendiary tale of lust, passion, love, betrayal, and loss. Intimate sexual relationships may never be the same.

When Dr. Josh Flagon, a professor of literature at a moderate sized  liberal arts Nevada university, is drawn to an irresistible co-ed,  Rebecca Reaper, little does he know it will take him on a lustful,  passionate, life-changing ride. It will also jeopardize all that he  values—his career— and all that he seeks—freedom.

While teaching classes and writing, Flagon uncovers a secret that  boils beneath his cool, scholarly veneer. Rebecca, a brilliant student  and sensual siren, reveals that mystery and much more to the professor  through their passionate tryst. But at what price? Is it worth killing  for?

While the couple vacation on a secluded Hawaiian Island, a mysterious  incident occurs that further challenges their relationship. From that  point, Flagon’s life spirals out of control until be- friended by the  unlikely, yet ever-wise Puerto Rican gangster, Jorge Luis Juarez.

In a haunting tale that weaves the literary with street smarts,  passion with desolation, imprisonment with emancipation, and the desires  of mankind with its origins, there thrives something to savor for every  adult who has entered the intimate relationship arena and sought deeper  answers to life’s questions.

More praise for Murder of Sex

“Move over 50 Shades Of Grey, there is a new kid on the block! But  unlike 50 Shades Of Grey Geoffrey Gluckman has a fabulous plot line and a  cunning way of telling the story…. a very fine piece of literature. It  is a wonderful exploration of the human psyche. Where does love end and  obsession begin?”

Simon Barrett, reviewer, Bloggernews Network

“Murder of Sex” was a very exciting novel. It included the various  demons associated with the world of sex. I enjoyed reading this novel  and look forward to more novels from author Geoffrey M. Gluckman…

Reviewed by Tekisha, OOSA Online Bookclub, Goodreads 4 stars

“The story gripped me right from the opening sentence…The author  brilliantly builds up the suspense leading up to the tragic moment that  lies at the heart of the book and then describes it so well you will  have your heart in your mouth as you read it!” -Dean (Amazon review)

“This book has got to be the best work of fiction I read in a long  time. It is a masterpiece on human intimate relationships. It is filled  with metaphors and imagery displaying depth into human psychology and  motivation. The book shows a great insight into how we can be imprisoned  by our emotions of desire, love and jealousy…” Sefali (Amazon.co.uk  review)

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Sex Secrets


Sex Secrets

Sex Secrets: Part 1: Hieros Gamos

by Geoffrey M. Gluckman

Throughout the ages the quest for secrets have enthralled many a  seeker. Often the “secret” is generated because the original information  from antiquity has been misplaced. The lore of secrets pertaining to  occult societies create the greatest draw, such as the hidden key symbol  in Dan Brown’s novel, The Lost Symbol. Another popular secret is the  treasure of the Knight Templars, purportedly stashed somewhere between  Scotland to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The arena of sex offers its share of tantalizing and enigmatic  mysteries and legends, each with dutiful seekers. Of course, Viagra has  enlivened hordes of men, many who sought the secret to re-awakening  dormant desires.

One of the oldest Western secret sex traditions, also touched on by  Dan Brown in his Da Vinci Code, is the two thousand year old ritual,  Hieros Gamos. Referenced from ancient texts, this tradition is much  older, but certainly thrived around the time of Christ. In Greek, it  means “holy marriage”. It is a sexual ritual that enacts a marriage  between a God and Goddess, with humans playing the parts of deities. The  actual performance is not a given in this scenario.

At a deeper, more spiritual level, it is meant to be a harmonization  of opposites, like Water and Fire, yin and yang. In fact, Hieros Gamos  may have its roots dating back to the Ancient Near East, in particular  the land of Sumer, where the ritual was practiced in a temple at the  time of Vernal Equinox.

The premise behind Hieros Gamos revered the natural sexual union  between a man and a woman through which each became spiritually whole.  (This would indicate that one is not inherently spiritually complete to  begin with.) Nevertheless, a good way to exert control over a  population. Not unlike the illusion of incompleteness popularized by  many religions, cults, and secret societies.

The interesting key behind Hieros Gamos is that sexual union is not  demonized nor demoralized. The sexual act between a man and a woman is  sacred because of the God-like byproduct–life. As the Book of Genesis  (and all other sources for major religions) tells us, Creation is the  realm of God  or, in some cultures, the Gods. Also, Hieros Gamos revered  the sacred feminine, which was the main reason for it becoming secret  because the Church was asserting the power of the masculine. In  addition, at the moment of climax, especially for men, there is a  fleeting instance of selflessness, also known in some circles as Nirvana  or existing in the void–God’s space.

These are the secrets of Hieros Gamos. The two key aspects are  1)  the reverence for the sacred feminine, and 2) the illusion that each of  us is incomplete.

For the latter, you are naturally spiritually whole (referenced by  many ancient texts, many of which have been kept hidden), unless you  BELIEVE that you are not. Anyone that tells you that you are incomplete  is probably trying to control you.

Sex Secrets: Part 2: Sexual Magic

by Geoffrey M. Gluckman

This a term for various forms of sexual activity employed in rituals  and religious/spiritual endeavors. The premise behind such practices  relies on utilizing the enhanced energy of sex to break the bounds of  one’s normal perception of reality. This tradition finds its origins  from thousands of years ago in the Far East(3), which were written down,  but not necessarily in English. The earliest known modern Western  writings come from Paschal Beverly Randolph(1), a 19th century  occultist, whose instructions were quite clear and specific on the  practice, especially about the participants. Probably the most prolific  person on the topic is the infamous Aleicester Crowley(2), creator of  the system of Magick. He authored at least 5 works that include some  sort of reference to the subject.

The real key to sexual magic lies at the point of orgasm (preferably  for both partners simultaneously), where the seeker enters a “loss of  consciousness” state, thereby better harnessing the limitless energies  of great power available in the universe.

Again, like “Sex Secrets: Part 1: Hieros Gamos”, the link of sex  magic is to the power of conception, the creative energy uniting with  the sacred feminine.

For example: at the point of orgasm, the aspirant visualizes on a  symbol. The symbol typically represents something the seeker wishes to  manifest.

Why do this?

Because what the mind focuses on projects into the material realm-in  other words-manifests. Numerous ancient texts, from various cultures,  have taught this precept. Thus, by focusing the mind at a point when it  is free from its normal boundaries affords a great opportunity for  manifestation.



1) Deveney, J.P. Paschal Beverly Randolph: A Nineteenth Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosecrucian, and Sex Magician. (Albany, NY. 1996)

2) Crowley, Aleicester. (Numerous books, writings on subject.)

3) Hua-Ching Ni. Harmony: the Art of Life. (Santa Monica, CA. 2000).

Sex Secrets: Part Two

Sex Secrets: Part 3: Million Dollar Point

by Geoffrey M. Gluckman

This little mystery comes from the Taoist traditions of the Far East  and has been kept fairly well hidden, except to wealthy clients visiting  high-end brothels in various parts of the world, and to initiates of  certain secret sects.

It is one of numerous Taoist sexual practices, also called, “Joining  Energy” or “The Joining of the Essences.” These practices are believed  to maintain health and increase longevity. The latter relates to the  increase of body aging due to the loss of “jing” (essence) in semen  during any ejaculation, not for procreation. Many Taoists practice  techniques of both building and conserving “jing”, thereby lessening the  loss of vital force (energy)(3)

Technically, the million dollar point technique, known as retrograde  ejaculation, requires re-directing the full force of orgasm (for a man)  by using the acupuncture point, REN-1 HuiYin(1). However, any aspirant  is warned that the technique requires subtlety and cultivation or  re-directing the sexual energy flow to his body or to his lover’s. This  is not done by merely stopping the ejaculation with pressure on the  perineum point, which can be dangerous. Rather, it is the subtle  technique of activating and transforming an acupuncture point into a  place of profound energy flow that is re-circulated into the  practitioner’s body, especially the center of the brain.

The re-circulation of the sexual energy (jing chi) is the key to the  Taoist secret practice, not the pressure on the perineum point (located  between the anus and the testes sac attachment)(2).

In fact, Winn (1) warns that if you are not able to recirculate the  sexual energy, then you are creating a stagnation of that energy, which  could be quite harmful. Oddly enough, if you have the ability to  re-circulate the energy, then you have no need of the million dollar  point technique.

Overall, the key usage of this secret Taoist practice is for alchemy  in the energetic management of your body, especially transforming life  energy into revitalization throughout the body.


1) Winn, Michael. Taoist Secrets of Love. (Aurora, CO 1984).

2) Hua-ching Ni. Harmony: the Art of Life. (Santa Monica, CA 2000).

3) Wile, Douglas. The Art of the Bedchamber: The Chinese Sexual Yoga Classics. (Albany, NY 1992).

Sex Secrets: Part 4: Three-to-One (Heart’s Desire)

by Geoffrey M. Gluckman

This sex secret is hardly ever mentioned in any writings, esoteric or  otherwise, though may be handed down from master to aspirant through  word of mouth.

However, the result of the practice–a conduit that runs through the  center of the body from loins through the heart and exits the crown–is  mentioned in numerous spiritual disciplines (1,2,3,4).

This conduit represents a clear channel through which essence (chi)  (1) energy flows through each being. If there are blockages along that  conduit, such as in the heart, then the conduit becomes inhibited. For  our purposes related to sex secrets, the focus for being devoid of  blockages lies in three regions–the loins, the cavity above the belly  (middle burner), and the heart.

Each of these areas equates to a special property: loins=lust energy;  middle cavity=passion; and the heart=love energy. A triumvirate for  power.

If each is clear and the conduit is connected, then the resultant transformation within one’s being is literally phenomenal.

If both you and your partner (male & female) are both clear and  engage in sex, then what occurs is nothing short of trans-dimensional.  By this I mean the barriers of three dimensions dissolve and the state  of oneness may be realized for one or both persons.

Truly, if I may say, it is nothing short of mind-blowing. Of course,  this state of clarity within is not easy to reach or maintain.

There you have the last sex secret in this series.

  1. Gawin, Shakti. Chakras.
  2. Gleason, William. The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido. (Rochester, VT 1995.)
  3. Hua-ching Ni. Harmony: the Art of Life. (Santa Monica, CA 2000).
  4. Yogi Ramacharaka. The Science of Breath. (Chicago, IL 1904).

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Deadly Exchange: A Novel

technothriller, espionage, action, adventure, intrigue, suspense, political thriller, romance

Praise for Deadly Exchange

Winner of Honorable Mention at the 2009 Los Angeles Book Festival (runner-up to Grand Prize winner)

“…moves along at the speed of light. The excitement starts on page one, and keeps going till the final sentence…”

– Simon Barrett, Blogger News Network, Reviewer

“…a riveting spectacle of thrills and chills that comes with a heart  and soul. More than just some thriller you put away after a reading, it  is also a warning about making bargains with personal freedoms…”

– Podler Review

Amazon Author Page link: Geoffrey M. Gluckman

Amazon Kindle links: Deadly Exchange

Apple iBooks link: Deadly Exchange

BN Nook links: DeadlyExchange

Publisher direct link: Deadly Exchange (e-versions)

The story

What if the company you work for could control your mind?

Only weeks remain before Lectures And More, Inc., a company  representing the world’s top motivational speakers, launches its latest  technological advance: a mind-altering radio frequency device sold as a  work-site enhancement product. The deceptively altruistic Ulrich Rogers  spearheads the company and its reeducation programs, incorporating the  presentational prowess and charm of Jennifer Chance, a world-renowned  motivational speaker. But as the lies that make up her life begin to  unravel like threads on a poorly sewn garment, it becomes evident that  nothing is as it seems.

Jennifer alone holds the key to unveil Rogers’s plot to hold America  hostage using Lectures And More’s newest device. Plunged into a twisting  chase to escape the clutches of Rogers and his former espionage  henchmen, Jennifer seeks help from Frank Revere, an enigmatic former  government counterintelligence agent. But the question of who to trust  continues to dangle in Jennifer’s mind. Thousands of lives hang in the  balance, but a deeper deception lurks in the shadows …

Brimming with suspense, danger, and mystery, Deadly Exchange conjures  up a blend of the ordinary, the arcane, the seen, and the unseen in the  search for truth.


More Praise for Deadly Exchange

“…a fast-paced thriller.”
– Eric D. Goodman, Borders Books Reviewer, author of The Flightless Goose

“…this is a fantastic book! …a love story intricately entangled with a devious, take-over-the-world story.”

– Desiree DiFabio, www.book-club-queen.com/review

“…an exciting thriller that keeps readers at the edge of their seats.  This is a frightening story that leads to an explosive ending. This has  the makings for an excellent movie.”

– Socrates Book Reviews

“…a very exciting and compelling read.” – Margaret Orford, Allbooks Reviewer

“…CREEPY. Ok one more word … PLAUSIBLE. Yikes. Gluckman [has] put together a great thriller … the pages flew by…”

– Monie G, Reading with Monie

“Deadly Exchange is a novel that feels closer to the political truth  about modern lives in America than anything I’ve read in a long time …”

– Susanna Herrera, author of Mango Elephants in the Sun

“…a real pageturner.” –Kathy Patrick, Head Queen, Pulpwood Queens Book Club

“Having worked intel for Uncle Sam, Deadly Exchange was glued to my  hands from cover to cover. When’s the next one coming? Look out “Jason  Bourne”, Frank Revere is in town! … a most wonderful book.”

–Jeff Allen, Florida

“I really enjoyed it. I liked it even more than the last LeCarre I read” –Rocco Marano Reston, VA

“Deadly Exchange grabs you early and doesn’t let go. This highly original thriller is much more than page turner…”

–John Clapp, PhD., author and professor, Ohio State University

I LOVED Deadly Exchange! – Irene Nelson, Bay Area, CA

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Making America Great

by Geoffrey M. Gluckman

Presidential Donald J. Trump wants to do just that. An excellent aim. I agree.

And to do that, it is important to look back at the history of  America. What made America great to begin with, so much so that many  longed to come here?

Freedom. It is this single word that inspired our founding fathers–freedom from the tyranny of the British crown.

In the words of one of those founders, John Adams, “Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people”.

What knowledge does he mean? Let’s look at the formulation of America  by the founders. It was a representative democracy–an entirely new  experiment in the history of nation states, which included a system of  checks and balances. This new nation gave each citizen the power and the  right to elect a representative to govern and lead on behalf of the  citizens. (At present, many citizens do not exercise this right, yet  complain about government.) This body of elected officials (Congress)  was empowered by the people, for the people, to legislate laws and  policies that served the greater good of all citizens (not  corporations).

The freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness remains a  cornerstone of America. However, a fear consciousness threatens that  foundation. That freedom is guaranteed to all citizens, regardless of  ethnicity, creed, color, or religion.

If we impede the rights of other citizens, if we succumb to that fear  consciousness, then we begin to erode the very key that makes America  great.

In the past, America has shown itself to be great through  demonstrations of fairness, generosity, strength of might, and rule of  law.

For example, freedom led America to lead the world in innovation and  industry, such as in the 19th century. In 1853, American steam-powered  warships arrived off the coast of Japan, not for conquest, rather for  opening trade. Japan was a closed and isolated culture that had never  seen steamships, nor revolvers. That isolation made them fearful(1).

Another example, in 1872, America established the first National  Park–Yellowstone. The idea was to set aside regions within the country  so that they could be enjoyed and shared with the citizens, and with  foreign visitors. These places are the nation’s common ground. They  belong to the people, but not for economic exploitation, which had  occurred at Niagara Falls(2)

America is not made great because of its economy and capitalist-based  mode of operation. These last two factors are merely byproducts of the  original foundation–freedom.

Let’s make America great again, through a knowledgeable and free  citizenry. Then, we will not need false leaders with empty promises.


  1. Walworth, Arthur. Black Ships Off Japan: The Story of Commodore Perry’s Expedition. Hamden, CT: Archon Books, 1966.
  2. “This Land Is Your Land.” National Geographic, January 2016, p. 24-47.

(For more on America’s identity, read Deadly Exchange, an award winner thriller.)

Donald Trump, America, Constitution, Founding Fathers, public lands, Malheur Preserve

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Technology Tracking You

By Geoffrey M. Gluckman

By now, most of us are aware that retailers track our purchases and  interests. For the sake of convenience, our credit cards come imbedded  with hi-tech chips to further that end and ease your ability to buy. But  technology is raising the bar and allowing more detailed tracking of  your assets and you.

Welcome to the twenty first century, where your credit card knows more than you do.

The hi-tech chips on credit cards and even some passports are an  advancement of old technology, a transponder or electronic tag,  originally developed to track planes in WWII under the Friend or Foe  operation.

Now, as businesses become more mobile, both in personnel and  services, employers desire to monitor their assets. Whether a package,  an employee, or a shipment of goods, the game of intelligent tracking  has arrived.

That microchip is known as a Radio Frequency Identification Device or  RFID. It makes the process of location and identification of almost any  object readily available, even down to mere centimeters, whether in  transit or in storage.

RFID chips have tiny antennae and are capable of broadcasting their  data wirelessly to anyone with a RFID reader. In effect, it is poised to  replace the older, more limited system of barcodes, though that may  take some time.

Today, these devices fall into two categories: active and passive.  Passive RFID requires an external power supply, as it is not contained  within the tag. Usually a signal is sent from the reader, which powers  the transponder, enabling communication back to the reader. This type of  RFID can come with a chip or without. Active RFID contains an inherent  power source, a larger memory capacity, and increased transmittal  distance. Until recently the most common usage for active RFID was for  tollbooth speed passes, such as on the Dulles Toll Road near Washington,  D.C.

Passive RFID systems are the most prevalent, but both employ three  types of frequencies. These are: ultra high (300MHz to 3GHz), high  (10-15 MHz), and low (125-500 kHz). Active RFID systems are on the rise  as technology continues to advance.

According to Bob Moroz, President of the RMoroz Company, a switch to  “contact-less” credit cards has begun. This technology embeds a RFID  chip into a card, thus protecting it from the external environment,  increasing security, and allowing for greater memory storage for data,  such as biometric information.

“[RFIDs] take away the form factor,” states Bob Moroz. “For instance,  data can be stored on a chip in a cellphone, a watch, or a wristband.  It is not limited to a plastic card.”

While most companies focus on tracking products, federal and state  governments will soon be tracking their residents. Though the state of  Virginia has delayed an initiative to imbed RFIDs into state driver’s  licenses, it is still on the books. As with other security measures,  these chips will store important identification data, such as date of  birth, social security number, a digital fingerprint copy, and even 3-D  facial information. This has drawn much criticism from privacy advocacy  groups, especially the American Civil Liberties Union. Nevertheless,  June 2006 saw the Department of State imbedding RFID in U.S. passports.  This follows on the heels of an identical program completed by  Australia.

Going a step further, as early as 2002, Applied Digital Solutions of  Palm Beach, Florida unveiled a syringe-injectable RFID chip, the size of  a grain of rice, called “Verichip”. Company documents state it is a  transceiver “that sends and receives data and can be continuously  tracked by GPS”, which they successfully demonstrated in 2000 at an  investor launch. Each chip carries a unique ID number and can be  activated by an external scanner, which causes a signal to transmit the  data to a telephone number, the Internet, or a storage device. The  electromagnetics of muscular contraction power the device, which body  tissue surrounds after insertion. In addition, the company claims that  this chip is superior to other biometric security measures because it is  impervious to tampering.

More recently, CityWatcher.com, a Cincinnati, Ohio company, implanted  two employees with such a device. However, according to Sean Darks,  company CEO, the chip was not intended for tracking, rather to control  access to restricted areas.

And so begins the age of tracking humans.

(previously published Credit Union Business, January 2010)

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