Need a holiday gift for that reader on your list? Maybe a spy thriller–Deadly Exchange will do? Or something more enticing–Murder of Sex? Both available in paperback and ebook formats. Enjoy!

Latest novel, Murder of Sex, available in paperback(ISBN 13: 9781626463028)
It is a rip-roaring tale that brilliantly fuses relationships between women and men, religion, human evolution, literature, sex, and subtle social commentary, all in under 210 pages. More info here.

Praise for Murder of Sex
“Geoffrey Gluckman has an excellent writing style and a real knack for keeping the reader guessing and engrossed in the book. The author creates a scenario to grab the reader’s attention and take them into Josh’s world of sex and betrayal. He does a remarkable job of setting the stage and making the reader feel as if they are part of the story.”
Yvonne, Socrates’ Book Review Blog
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“Murder of Sex … will make readers reconsider before engaging in a sexual relationship in the workplace.”
Tekisha for OOSA’s Online Book Club Reviews (Goodreads)

“Move over 50 Shades Of Grey, there is a new kid on the block! But unlike 50 Shades Of Grey Geoffrey Gluckman has a fabulous plot line and a cunning way of telling the story…. a very fine piece of literature. It is a wonderful exploration of the human psyche. Where does love end and obsession begin?”
Simon Barrett, reviewer, Bloggernews Network
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Geoffrey talks about Murder of Sex & writing with Simon Barrett (Blog Talk Radio): Click

“Erotic thriller? or literary, mind-enhancing handbook? This book surprises at every page turn.” -Lucia (Amazon review)

“The story gripped me right from the opening sentence…The author brilliantly builds up the suspense leading up to the tragic moment that lies at the heart of the book and then describes it so well you will have your heart in your mouth as you read it!” -Dean (Amazon review)

“This book has got to be the best work of fiction I read in a long time. It is a masterpiece on human intimate relationships. It is filled with metaphors and imagery displaying depth into human psychology and motivation. The book shows a great insight into how we can be imprisoned by our emotions of desire, love and jealousy…” Sefali (Amazon.co.uk review)

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Perhaps intrigue and spies are your thing?
Award-winning thriller, Deadly Exchange, available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and paperback (see links just below page image above).

Praise for Deadly Exchange

“…moves along at the speed of light. The excitement starts on page one, and keeps going till the final sentence…” –Simon Barrett, Blogger News Network, Reviewer

“…a fast-paced thriller.” – Eric D. Goodman, Borders Books Reviewer, author of The Flightless Goose

“…a riveting spectacle of thrills and chills that comes with a heart and soul. More than just some thriller you put away after a reading, it is also a warning about making bargains with personal freedoms…”
– Podler Review

“…an exciting thriller that keeps readers at the edge of their seats. This is a frightening story that leads to an explosive ending. This has the makings for an excellent movie.”
– Socrates Book Reviews

“…this is a fantastic book! …a love story intricately entangled with a devious, take-over-the-world story.” –Desiree DiFabio, www.book-club-queen.com/review

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What readers are saying:

“Having worked intel for Uncle Sam, Deadly Exchange was glued to my hands from cover to cover. When’s the next one coming? Look out “Jason Bourne”, Frank Revere is in town! … a most wonderful book.” –Jeff Allen, Florida

“I really enjoyed it. I liked it even more than the last LeCarre I read” –Rocco Marano Reston, VA

“I LOVED Deadly Exchange!” – Irene Nelson, Bay Area, CA

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